Cold Shimmer


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lucky stars glitter high
black sky nestled within
a locket on a tarnished chain
quiet weeping all night
wrapped loosely in a velvet blanket
into the violet of the galactic core
eyes covered against the blinding
purple obscure swirling
not a sound, not a sound
candles on the porch steps
a stone in the throat and
amethyst nebulae spinning
beyond the field of rubies
and plunging deeper and deeper
into my juicy strawberry heart

(OctPoWriMo 8: Color)

The Lion and the Pond


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Today I used a prompt from last year’s NaPoWriMo where you draw a card from any type of deck and write a poem based on it. My card was Conditioning from the Osho Zen Tarot deck.

A frightened, lost lion cub
finds safety in a sheep’s flock.
Surrounded by white wool,
our lion grows into a lamb.

At a pond, seeing his reflection,
the lion discovers the truth.
His docile personality comes from
conditioning, not from within.

When you are alone and quiet,
and the surface of the mind-pond stills,
who do you see when you
bow your head toward the water?

(OctPoWriMo 7: Off prompt)



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Form: double etheree

the groceries
into the house
all by herself now.
It’s a small price to pay
to be a starfish and hog
the bed, to take that job across
the country, without his permission.
Never mind the awkward Christmas dinner
conversations. Don’t you want to have kids?
You’ll die alone, eaten by your cats!
If only they could know how sweet
solitude is. Time to breathe,
time to think, a silence
where she can enjoy
the company,
so precious,
of her

(OctPoWriMo 6: Freedom)

Patient Notes


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Trigger warning: eating disorder

Patient’s cheekbones not prominent
Clavicles barely visible
Thighs touch at top
Abdomen protrudes when seated
Noticeable cellulite

Patient is unloveable and disgusting
Needy attention whore
Not good enough
Untalented fat bitch

Patient ate tonight
Avoids body profile in mirror
Numbers on scale elevated
Heart rate depressed
Willpower and hatred persistent

(OctPoWriMo 5: Show a relationship)



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Inspired by the film The Fall.  You can watch the trailer here: The Fall trailer

Why are you making everybody die?
The mystic departs this mortal coil,
sparrows flying from his mouth.
The green silks of the Indian flutter
as he falls from a great height.
The heart of Darwin, pierced
by an enemy’s bullet,
avoids the bed of arrows,
final resting place of the ex-slave.
Our explosives expert extracts
a thousand men from the clutches of life.

But the bandit is saved by his falling
into the arms of his daughter.
She has taken charge of the tale
and put an end to death.
No blood, no drowning,
no morphine can end this story
just yet.

As soon as you share your life,
the narrative thread,
you lose control of it.
Like dervishes spinning,
their alabaster satin skirts
reaching out in every direction,
so too your life whirls away,
surrendered to fate and the divine,
careening onward to the next scene.

(OctPoWriMo Day 2: Cinematic)

Breaking Point


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I don’t appreciate God’s obvious metaphor.
The plane skips and wobbles through
the cloud remnants of a hurricane, and
I hold your hand to the breaking point.

Down on the earth, it’s no different,
nearly breaking each other as we
try to hang on, passing blindly through
turbulent day after turbulent night.

Holding my breath, I wait for a sign
that we’ll soon break out past the clouds.
Can I hold on til we land, smoothly
on the ground, rattled, but safe and whole?

(OctPoWriMo Day 1: Clouds)

Last Day of OctPoWriMo

Sometimes the end can be the most delicious:

the salty rubble of potato chips;
hearty gold heel of good French bread;
syrup-soaked bottom pancake;
caramel apple dip finished off with a spoon.

Sometimes the end just sharpens disappointment:

flavorless ice dregs of Frappuccinos;
lukewarm slime that was a bubble bath;
waking too early to an urgent bladder;
damp coffee grounds invading the last sip.

Which end is this? Poetic ambiguity.


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